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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Back in the studio!

Today was my first day throwing since my broken arm>sick>jury duty show stopper. It went well!

When I broke my arm in October I was worried how long it would be before I got back on track in the studio. I was worried about a lot of things (canceling shows in December, not being able to meet personal and professional goals, losing $$$ because I was canceling shows, and soooo much more. I'm a worrier) but how my arm was able to perform after it healed was really the only long term worry. There'd be other shows and sales to make, there'd be other times to reach my goals and while I kept telling myself these things, it was hard to not be very depressed about all of it. But really, I knew that as long as it healed and I was good for the long run, I was good. So I rested my injury and decided I would not pot again until January.

Mid-Decemeber it was feeling pretty good and I wanted to go throw, but I was worried that while it felt okay, wedging and centering would be too much of a strain (I broke the end of my radius down in my wrist). So I waited for January to come to head back.

January didn't get the message of my plans. After visiting family for the holidays I came home sick. Ear ache, runny nose, all the good stuff. Then I got better, but had to report for my first ever jury duty summons yesterday. I was very thankful when I was not picked to serve, there's too much studio catching up to do!

So that landed me back in the studio today throwing for the first time since mid-October. Yahoo! I wasn't as rusty as I expected to be, and I didn't feel any pain throwing, wedging, or centering. It does feel like that muscle is a bit weak, something I hadn't noticed until today, but I'm not worried, it will come back. I don't want to push it however, so I only threw 8 pieces today, easing into things as I go along and seeing how I feel. I've got to catch up on all the mugs and yarn bowls I sold this winter so that was where I began.

It's nice to be back to work. I will, however, miss my soft hands. Three months of being away from clay made them moister and softer than they've been in years. It was nice while it lasted, but cracked, bleeding skin on the back of my hands is where I belong.

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