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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A craft fair checklist, just for you

January is usually the time of the year when I take a moment to catch up on the business side of things. It's the one time of the year when there generally isn't too much on the calendar for shows, so I get to catch up on some updating, evaluating, goal planning, fine tuning, and other things too.

One tool I use to help me reflect on things and prepare for my next move is a craft fair checklist I made myself a few years back. I've tweaked it as my events have changed over time, but basically it helps me keep things organized leading up to fairs and then it helps me keep details straight afterwards.

What crafty person doesn't need a little help in the sanity department? So, here it is! Your very own craft fair checklist to print and use! Print it, use it, and be amazed by the amazingness..

What amazingness you ask? Well, as soon as you have a fair you're going to sign up for fill in the fair name, date, and vendor fee on the page. When you apply and pay, fill in those areas of the form too, being sure to note how exactly you had paid. If there's anything you need to remember, use the note section at the bottom. Now you don't need to worry about remembering the extra details on your mind, like exactly what table size you need at which show.

When Best Fair Ever is nearing, pull out the sheet and refresh your memory. Then use the check list to guide yourself when packing up. It's easy to let a small thing slip from your focus and forget it at home, but if you have a general checklist for yourself it's all taken care of.

When the show is over and your cash has been counted, fill in the amount you sold and how much sales tax you collected. Use the note section to give a summary of your day so you can remember specifics at a future date. I generally note weather, thoughts about the fair, organizers, and shoppers as well an anything else I think may be worth remembering.

If you fill out a form for each show and keep them filed, you will be able to prepare with more organization and less stress as well as be able to look back to events with accuracy.

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