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Friday, January 20, 2012

I'm in a magazine!!

So a particular sawdust of mine got featured on the official Etsy blog and then it started blowing up on Pinterest. A few weeks later I got a request from Standard Magazine to have it featured in the "On the Boards" section of an upcoming issue, which was a super nice way to end 2011.

The issue with my sawdust piece is out now! The cup is featured on page 29 in the "An Octopus's Garden" feature. You can order a print copy here, or view it online here. I agree with the writer that the surface looks like it's from outer space, but they noted that it is glaze instead of effects from a sawdust firing. I'm still super happy that it was featured in such a nice magazine. Grab a copy of this super nice eco-friendly mag!

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City by the Sea Ceramics said...

yup, that's totally a youtube mcnugget commercial on my favorites bar. i love it. i can't link to it in the comments, but search youtube for 'mcnuggets love song' to watch the best commercial ever. then search 'mcnuggets love song too' to see the sequel.