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Friday, January 27, 2012

Mudtools Mudsponge

As I sat and threw mugs and steins today I decided it was probably time for a new sponge. Usually nothing noteworthy, but this time it was. 

The standard yellow throwing sponge kills me. They wear out incredibly fast, they leave bits of themselves in my clay that I recycle and reuse, and they don't hold water terribly well. Last year I lost my patience with it and decided to buy the Mudtools Mudsponge. It was $5, kinda pricey when the yellow ones are a buck, but I decided to try it out since I have absolutely loved every tool I've gotten from Mudtools

When it arrived I instantly fell in love with it. It absorbed an incredible about of water without dripping and didn't crumble apart at all. It was the perfect sponge.

I got curious just how long ago I had ordered it and been using this sponge-of-wonder so I pulled up the invoice in gmail. March of 2011! Ten months (well 7, since I broke my arm) of solid use, often on very gritty clays, and just now it is ready to be replaced. Once again, well done Mudtools.


riverdragon said...

I too have been unsatisfied with those yellow sponges for throwing! Thanks for the review of the Mudsponge; I must investigate :)

City by the Sea Ceramics said...

you'll love it, I promise!