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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Background of Etsy photos

A long time ago I would take one set of pictures of work and call it good, using the photo closet at the studio with the lamps and various background papers there. I decided that this neutral background wasn't working for my Etsy shop though. It didn't give my functional work the character I wanted it to have, it looked cold, dull, and not particularly welcoming, at least in my opinion. It was what I needed for calls for entries, but I hated it for my online store. 
I adjusted my Etsy photo taking since then and I had landed in a better spot. I was using a white background wall and a woodgrain counter top. This background gave my work the nice, warm, homey feeling I wanted. 
Recently I began using a white counter top with the white background. I think it makes the items pop a bit more. It's also easier to adjust with photoshop. My apartment has terrible natural lighting, what I prefer for Etsy pics, so I generally have to go back and clean up the image and adjust the colors so they are true. The solid white helps me much more than the neutral back drops when I am doing this step. 
The exception to my new 'all white' rule is photographing all white work. These white cups get lost in the solid background, they're begging for something. 
I think this older pic of my white mugs on the wood grain counter top looks much more eye catching. It's only a small piece of color, but it helps define the edges and curves of the shapes a bit more.
Let me know what works for you, I'm always curious to try combinations I haven't!

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