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Thursday, February 16, 2012

International Chawan Spring Expo in Nara, Japan

Last fall I participated in a traveling Chawan (teabowl) show while it was exhibiting here in the United States. The show has been traveling the world for a few years now and features the work of artists from many countries. I was very excited when I was asked for my work to continue on with the exhibit and travel to Nara, Japan for the spring of 2012. I had only expected to the part of the exhibit while in the country, so an invitation for my teabowls to travel on was excellent news.

It seemed so far away last October when I was asked, but April is almost here and there's been a lot of preparation for the show. Information and photos needed to be submitted for the catalog and poster printing, and I really wanted some great shots of my work so I called on local photographer and friend Lucie Wicker to shoot two of the pieces I'm going to send. I also needed to order some custom wooden storage boxes for the chawan, which I won't get to see until after the exhibit ends and work is shipped back to me.
Photo by Lucie Wicker
I'll keep you guys posted on the opening and should have some photos of it. Sadly, I am not able to head to Japan for the opening. While I would absolutely love to go, it's a very far and expensive trip, especially if you want to do it right. Some day.....


Lucie Wicker said...

So cool! Congrats again.

City by the Sea Ceramics said...

thanks again Lucie, your work is great!

Lee Love said...

What are the dates? I'll be in Japan March 7th, but won't be in the Kansai until March 20th.

Lee Love, Minneapolis

Lee Love said...
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City by the Sea Ceramics said...

Hi Lee! The exhibit will be April 10-15 at Gallery Yusai, I hope you can make it. I should have some photos of the opening sent to me soon after I will post. I did just get a link to the exhibit catalog, check my latest post for the link. Thanks for reading! Give Kintaro a pat on the head for me, I always love seeing his pictures on facebook