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Monday, February 06, 2012

Pinterest and why you should check it out

Pinterest is a website that is getting talked about more and more, and I'm going to urge you to get on board too. The site is just under two years old, but has had incredible growth recently and I predict it will only get bigger, so you might as well dive in now.

Pinterest is made to be a collection of 'pins' that are posted to various 'board' categories, each pin being something someone chose to post because they thought it was interesting for whatever reason. It posts as a photo that links back to the original site the content was pulled from, and a small section of text. This 'pin' can now be 're-pinned' by the user's followers or other visitors to the site, and grouped into different 'boards'. Popular posts can spread like wildfire by being pinned and re-pinned over and over.

Because it is a condensed collection of photos, you are able to scroll rather quickly to browse things that interest you and re-pin them easily. If you've got great photos and a great product your work suddenly became much easier for other people to share it. Pinterest doesn't want you to use the site only to promote yourself, and frankly neither do other users. An occasional pin of your work is one thing, using the site as your own billboard is another. If you've got something you think other people want to see, share it! Pin things that matter to you and that you are interested in, and follow users and boards of the same. 

It is incredibly visual based, which is why artists need to be on Pinterest. Etsy recently added a 'pin this' button to items, making it easier for Pinterest users to spread the word of things they like and want to share. This move was no coincidence, as Pinterest had gotten to be the number one traffic director to Esty, beating out Google, so embracing it with the button made sense. The site is growing incredibly fast, aside from what Etsy has experienced. The number of users on Pinterest blew up from 1.2 million at the end of the 2011 summer to over 4 million by the end of the year. *update, just found this diagram about their growth and other stats

More and more businesses are using the site to locate people and products they'd like to promote. I recently had a piece that was getting a lot of attention on Pinterest and it ended up getting published in a magazine. While I wasn't the one to post the piece to the site originally, it shows the power of having work being looked at and shared on the site.

If you're already on or decide to join, let's follow each other over there, it's so much fun to see what other people post up.

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