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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jammin on my planner

Leslie Knope is awesome. Her favorite activities include 'jammin on her planner'. Yup, it's even on her desk in the picture. You know what? I also love jamming on my planner. A lot. Leslie and I could hang together and compare notes for the upcoming days, each adding more notes to each day as we skillfully prepare in unison.

I'll explain. I freaking LOVE lists. Love them. As soon as I have more than two thoughts I need to remember or prepare for I feel agitated and stressed unless I put it down on a list. I probably feel this way because I'm a forgetful person. I didn't used to be so bad, but as adulthood and responsibilities crept into my life, I became scatterbrained. Not constantly, I'm a pretty grounded person, but I can be flakey. Hey, I'm an artist. ;) So because of this, I'm a huge list fan. They really help me organize and compile my thoughts instead of just being a jumble of stress in my head.

Because I love lists, you can imagine all of the goal-, to do-, daily-, weekly-, monthly-, yearly-, extended-planning lists I have. This is a good time to be reminded I'm running a small business solo here. Lists and goals are essential. So a good portion of this tumbles from various lists into my weekly planner. I assign each day a list of goals and things that must get done. I plan as far or close as necessary, and do so constantly. Jamming on my planner. Like Leslie, it's usually out on my desk, being jammed upon.

But lately Leslie would say I've been a bad planner jamming friend. I haven't been looking at it. Aside from a few specific events this week and last, there hasn't been much specifically going on. I had made the mistake of looking at these couple weeks, seeing that, and leaving the planner be in my purse. There has been no jamming. And now I am realizing that while I've been getting things done these weeks, I have felt more stressed and scatterbrained, and less focused than usual. Part of this could be the beginning of a long craft fair season only weeks away, but not having my daily lists written down is throwing me off more than I thought. I need to get my shit together, I need to do some planner jamming with Leslie tonight, probably around 8:30ish. I have a feeling next week will flow a lot smoother after I do.

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