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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Paint chip Easter decoration

My mom has been in the hospital and rehab for a few weeks now after surgery and I was thinking she would like some Easter decorations for her room. She's always been the type to haul out a box of decorations for each holiday, so it would make her stay seem a bit more homey and make her happy. I made a banner of Easter eggs using paint chip samples and upholstery thread. I don't seem to have anything around egg shaped, so I traced around the real thing for a template then cut out a bunch from the paint samples. I thread them together with a needle and heavy duty thread, though you can use any string or yarn, and put loops on the ends to hang. I wrote 'Happy Easter!' on it so it was a little more decorative. I wish I had some letter stamps to use, but I still like the look of it.

I saw a similar project for Valentine's but just never got to the store to collect some paint samples so I wasn't able to do it, and cutting many green shamrocks for St. Patrick's didn't sound appealing in the least, Mahoney or not. Easter was next on the bill, and thankfully eggs are an easy shape to cut. I really like the idea though, I think it's super cute, easy, and uses available and cheap supplies. Seems like you could do some nice holiday banners, Halloween could have orange pumpkins and white ghosts, birthdays could have balloon shapes with strings taped to the back to hang down to look like the real thing, it's a very adaptable project. Watch out paint stores, we're coming for you.

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