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Friday, April 27, 2012

Colorado craft beer

American Craft Beer Week is almost upon us! It's no secret I love good craft beer, and if you really know me well you know that I love a good stout or porter more than anything. I've mentioned my recent visit to Colorado and Wyoming. While my trip was short, there's always a visit to the store and a stop at some of the local breweriesto buy some favorite beers I can't get at home.

My suitcase came home with Alaskan Smoked Porter, New Belgium La Folie, New Belgium 1554, and my very favorite Odell's Cutthroat Porter. I also managed to drink a fair share of New Belgium's flagship beer Fat Tire. It's the Rocky Mountain equivalent of Sam Adams here in the Boston area. It's incredibly available and popular, even with those that don't generally drink craft brews. When I lived out there it was alright, I drank it here and there but it tastes so much better in the last year or two, a really nice biscuity chocolate flavor.

We also swung by New Belgium, Odell, Fort Collins, and Funkwerks breweries, all in Fort Collins, Colorado. It's always so nice to grab a beer fresh on tap and generally find something unique to try that isn't available otherwise. Colorado is home to many breweries so it only makes sense that there is a Colorado Beer Week, which coincides with American Craft Beer Week. Where ever you are in the country I fully encourage you to find yourself a favorite craft brewery and beer and celebrate May 14-20, though not necessarily each of those days. If you're in Colorado, all the better, have a Cutthroat for me.

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