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Thursday, April 26, 2012

DIY Cherry Blossoms

To help spruce up my table this craft fair season I made some cherry blossom branches to stick inside my vases from this project I found on Pinterest. It's really easy, cheap, and it gets nice results. All you need is tissue paper, a glue gun, and branches.
I used the clip part of a pen cap to stick the flowers on instead of the suggested pen itself. I found it easier to work with since it fit right in my hand. I also doubled up my layers of petals. One layer of tissue paper was nice, but the color was a bit softer than I wanted. Attaching a second layer on top of the first added the extra bit of color I was looking for. I really like the results, I'd like to do some more with bright yellow tissue paper so it looks like forsythia, but any color would look nice.

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