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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The MFA and Juno

So I wrote about my trip to the MFA and the Art of the Americas wing, but there was something else really special happening while I visited. The largest Roman sculpture in the country was delivered to the museum shortly before my visit, and I got to peek inside the gallery while it was getting settled in.

Juno is the name of the piece, and was acquired from a family in Brookline, who had been keeping the piece in the yard as a garden sculpture. At 13 feet tall, she is pretty impressive. Even more impressive was her entrance into the gallery space. While there are very large elevators to accommodate works, Juno's 13,000 pounds was too much to hold so a skylight was taken off the roof and she was delivered by crane. On the MFA's website is a video and slideshow of the project. It's really pretty interesting, especially after getting to see her with a crowd of curators and such fussing over her two weeks after her delivery.

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