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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My vintage needle bag

I wrote over a year ago about my mom attempting to teach me to knit when I was younger and how it didn't really stick. The scarf she began with me was never finished and I forgot the stitches. I carried around the skeins, needles, project bag, and vintage needle bag for years, along with the project kit I had. At some point, my interest still wasn't there after years of having it and I was moving to a smaller apartment. I decided enough was enough and I only kept the individual kit, giving the rest to the local Salvation Army.

When I learned to knit last year I thought of the items I gave away and was pretty bothered by it. Not so much the needles or the yarn, but I was so sad I had given away my mom's needle case not knowing I would miss it so badly. Yes, it was awesome looking, but it was also my mom's, which made it extra special, and I didn't realize it until it was too late. I've been kicking myself and regretting that decision for a year. I even told Boston Handmade member Diane Ivey about it at a knitting workshop she hosted for our members. She said that at least someone out there was really enjoying it too, that it didn't become useless. That did make me feel better, but I was still sad.

I visited my family last week and had planned to raid my mom's supplies of any extra's she gathered over the years. She told me where in the closet her item's were and I was stunned. There was the bag I was so sure I had given to Salvation Army. Somehow I had remembered giving it to them, but my mind was confused. Here it was, along with the project bag, needles, and even the same balls of yarn. I was ecstatic. I told my mom about what I thought I had done and how happy I was to find it. I told her I didn't care if she kept it, I was just happy it wasn't lost. She gave me the needle case back along with a different vintage project bag. I told her not to worry, this time they wouldn't be going anywhere.

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