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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Some new pieces

I've made some pieces of ceramic jewelry here and there and recently made a few more, some pendants and rings using my signature rope texture. I have a handful more that I'm going to raku, I can't wait to see those, they should be gorgeous! Sadly, I have a metal allergy and can't wear the pieces myself which is a bummer, so I'll just have to live vicariously through my customers. I still need to get the work photographed to put up on my etsy shop, but my dry, cracked hands coupled with my obsessive nail biting and I'm far from a hand model, so I'll have to find some creative ways to shoot the rings. Until then, the rings are getting carted around with me to my upcoming shows. Find me and say 'quit biting your nails' for $3 off a pendant or ring, sound good?


riverdragon said...

I especially like the long brown earrings. That glaze really shows off the nice texture. I'm wondering how heavy they are, though? It's hard to see how thin they are in the picture, so maybe I'm just imagining them heavier than they are. I like the idea of wearable clay.

City by the Sea Ceramics said...

Thanks! I think the one you are looking at is a pendant, I haven't done any earrings yet, though they ma be coming. They're pretty light, the slabs they were cut from were really thin, so thin I actually had trouble with the glaze having anything to soak into. So they're not too bad, but maybe the smaller ones would be better earrings.

riverdragon said...

Ah, they make a lot more sense to me now that I know they are pendants. In that case, cool!