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Thursday, May 24, 2012

One week until moving time!

This week I finished up the last of my shifts at The Potters Shop, this weekend I am packing the apartment, next week I fire my last kilns and pack my studio belongings, and then I move! Hooray!

I'm very excited for sooooo many reasons about my new space. I keep imagining my new space much larger than it actually is (".... a clay table, a paperwork table, a bistro table with chairs for visitors...."). Reality will set in when the giant pile is in the center of the studio, waiting to be organized. But until then, my mind wanders out of the second bedroom reality and into a warehouse dream.

I'm certainly not getting carried away with my dreaming. I'm considering different ways to make my new, smaller studio more efficient and simpler. Changing/eliminating multiple clays and only using one clay body is one option I've considered, but am not quite ready for that leap yet. Plus I've got plenty of bags of recycled clay I use to keep me going for a little bit. And while a multiple bucket rinse system sounded like an option before, plunking down the money on a sink trap to protect plumbing is sounding more and more like a better option. There's going to be a lot of little things to figure out along the way and lots of little things I'm giving up by leaving  a studio, but I'm very excited to take them on and I can't wait to get there.

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