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Monday, May 14, 2012

A true hidden treasure- Martini Junction in Needham Town Forest

Out in Needham Town Forest there is a really fun location if you can find it. Martini Junction is tucked away, but when you find it you'll be glad you did.

Follow the orange mini birdhouses that mark the trails through the trees. Walk out a bit and you'll see it. A mini train track in the woods. It was built by a town resident, Jim, who took picnics with his wife to the waterfall nearby. He thought the trips would be more fun if he added an actual working mini train, so he did. And what would be even more fun still? Martini's of course! Hence, Martini Junction.

The area is decorated with small toys visitors have contributed over time. There are tiny plastic sharks and whales in the birdbath's water, a small herd of ferocious dinosaurs keeping an eye on the path, and one of my favorites, a little cow standing in a patch of moss on a rock so he looks as if he is grazing in a field. There's tons of little figures out there, enough to keep you busy searching for them all for a while.

If your timing is right you may run into Jim, who regularly comes out to maintain his site. I was lucky enough to see him there and he was friendly enough to show off the train running it's track. The gears are located in a locked box, so Jim is the only one who is able to turn the train on, which he happily did. It chugged around the track, complete with the classic train whistle, chugging noise, and even a conductor's voice yelling "all aboard!". It was so fun to even find the location, but even more special I got to see it at work.


Sharon said...

I last visited this place when my train loving nephew was 3 -- he's now 13, glad to know Jim is still at it and that visitors have added there own touches -- worth a revisit for sure.

City by the Sea Ceramics said...

Aw, you guys definitely need to go again! Im hoping to wander out and leave a little critter before i move out to central mass. I'll let youknow what i bring and you guys can search for it sometime