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Friday, June 29, 2012

Art in Dallas

Chihuly piece in Dallas Museum of Art
I recently joined my husband on a business trip to Dallas and I made a few art stops during my first visit to Texas. I really enjoyed the Dallas Museum of Art a lot. It was much larger than I expected and I strolled through over a few hours. There was one exhibit, Form/Unformed, that showcased some of the museum's more modern collection of furniture and similar items. I really enjoy handmade furniture and furnishings so I was pretty excited to stumble on that.

Paper cranes inside Crowe Collection

Right across the street was the Crowe Collection of Asian Art, which was pretty small but still really nice to walk through. Across the street yet again is a sculpture park, but between 100+ temps and already strolling two museums, I decided to call it a day after seeing the awesome Crowe Collection.

Plate in Dallas Hilton Anatole
One of the most impressive pieces I saw was actually in the hotel lobby where my husband was for work. The Hilton Anatole is decorated inside with so much Asian art it's almost hard to believe you are just at a hotel. We came across a giant plate from China that measures over 7' across, making it the largest known plate. Of course as a potter I was stunned with awe and just looked at it and the intricate detail on it for quite some time. I didn't really expect one of the more memorable pieces to be in a hotel lobby.

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