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Thursday, June 21, 2012

For the new studio: vinyl floor over carpet

So in the search for our new apartment the place that best fit us did not have have hardwood floors in bedroom #2, aka my new studio. While it was what I wanted to help keep dust down, the home for us has carpeted bedrooms. Vacuuming in a ceramic studio is a no-no, unless you have a certain (expensive) filter on your vacuum, so I needed to be able to mop regularly, even daily, and often times multiple times in a day. But no problem about the carpet, I had a plan!

A studio doesn't need to be beautiful (though bonus points if it is), it needs to be functional. So what to do? How about a giant sheet of vinyl flooring placed over the carpet as sort of a giant, fitted rug? To be clear, this  vinyl floor is NOT attached to the carpeted floor underneath. It's something I can pull up in seconds when I vacate the space to reveal a clean carpet below. The carpet I laid this on top if isn't quite burbur, but it's definitely not the average fluffy carpet, it's pretty flat and tough. I knew it could handle my plan because of it's sturdiness.

I got a 12' sheet of vinyl floor cut to fit my room and hauled it home. At the store the cost range for flooring was $.35/sq ft to $1.30/sq ft and the difference in quality is very dramatic. Because I need this to hold up to wear and tear, especially if it's not going to be properly laid, I went with the sturdiest and most expensive option they had.

The floor was put down and fitted with a razor, cutting through easily. The edges were pushed under the molding around the room and sealed along the edges to the wall with duct tape. It sounds ugly but they have lots of colorful options available these days, so it's actually kind of a nice accent to the wood grain floor, though most of it is hidden by items. I made this work for myself in my ceramic studio but I think it would work well for any artist who works out of their rented home and needs to maintain a clean space.


Carpet tiles perth said...

Is it really advisable to have the laminate flooring before having the carpet?

City by the Sea Ceramics said...

It's not ideal, but it's a solution. As I said, I don't need it to be perfect or beautiful, I only need it to be functional. Thankfully the function I require doesn't necessitate a smooth, solid floor. Slight ripples and a degree of fluff underneath are fine for my needs, and I plan to check the carpet below regularly to see if it is in fact holding up how I expect it to. It is very much an experiment, as are most solutions to problems when they begin to form.

dawn k said...

I'm curious how this solution has worked out for you.
I'm currently looking into how to create a wee potting area in our carpeted home office (rather than handbuilding on an ottoman and having boards laying around the condo).
Thanks for your info!

City by the Sea Ceramics said...

Hi Dawn! Just saw your comment. I am happy to report that this has been a wonderful solution to having a proper home studio. I lived in a very damp, basement level apartment for a year with this flooring. I was concerned about mildew growing under the vinyl but no such issue ever happened. I occasionally would lift the corner of the flooring to peak and touch the carpet, looking for dampness. Again, no problems to be found. After working in the space for a year, the vinyl was pulled up when we were moving out. By far it was the best looking carpet in the whole place. No stains, smells, dampness, or other damage. I am confident in this solution after such great results in such a wet environment. Success! Best of luck Dawn!

City by the Sea Ceramics said...

I would say to not skimp on the flooring. In the three times I've laid this flooring, I've gotten the highest quality available. It is much thicker and sturdier than the cheaper stuff, and it was treated with an antifungal material on the underside. It was about $120 or so to cover a standard bedroom size room.

dawn k said...

That's great to hear - thanks for sharing your process & feedback!