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Monday, June 11, 2012

Needham Farmers Market

Yesterday was the very first Needham Farmers Market and the town came out in full support! Many shoppers arrived before it began at 1, taking the suggestion of coming early for the best selection to heart. The town center was swarmed with shoppers, nearly everyone carrying a purchase, and from my booth I saw lots of great produce being carried around; lettuce, leeks, strawberries, tomatoes. I wasn't able to sneak away from my tables until nearly the end of the event, and many farmers were already long sold out of the produce they brought. I asked one empty booth if they had anything left. I was told one pound of beef and a piece of asiago cheese. I did end up bringing home a jalapeno plant and a tomato plant. Not quite what I was hoping for, but exciting none the less, and good for the farmers for doing so well.

The shoppers supported me as well, I met many nice people from town and had a good day of sales, even parting with a few of my very favorite pieces. I'm excited the event was such a success for everyone and that it was so supported by the town. I wish there was a market while I still lived in Needham, I missed it by a week and a half! There is however a market here in Grafton, my new town, and their season begins later this month. I'm currently exploring CSA options, so the farmers market will be a good substitute in the meantime. I'm excited to get out there and meet some of these farmers and other neighbors.

The artists at the Needham market are being rotated, each week featuring two different people. I will be back again October 14 and will be sharing a tent with my friend Pat Brazill. I'll be making my debut at the Grafton market on August 30 and will be back there again on September 20 and October 11. See you then, don't forget your reusable bags!

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