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Sunday, June 24, 2012

The new studio- a rough draft

The new studio is still very much s work in progress, but here's a quick look at what's happening in my small space. There's nothing like moving into a roughly 100 sq ft space to make you realize how much crap you have.

I still need to get at least two more shelving units, that will help this various pile in the corner shown above. It's all boxes of pots and items for events.

I want to put on of the shelving units on the right side of my wheel so I have plenty of space at my fingertips to put freshly made pots.

I'll keep you updated at things progress and start to look a little more orderly, comfy, and pretty. :)


riverdragon said...

Oooh this is getting exciting! My new barn-studio is pretty much set up for making work now, except that I don't have a kiln. Are you going to have a kiln in your studio, or fire things elsewhere?

City by the Sea Ceramics said...

nope, no kiln for me. i'm going to fire at an awesome studio in the next town over. i'm not looking forward to hauling my first load over, especially for how tight i pack my bisques, but still a small price to pay for having my own space.

my space still isn't how i imagined it and there's a lot of work to do but it is at least functioning right now. how close to complete is your space? saw your pics, it looks so nice!