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Monday, June 18, 2012

No-sew tablecloths

I've been wanting to upgrade my tablecloths for my booth for a while but couldn't find anything I really liked that was also versatile enough for my needs so I decided to make my own. I bought materials to make myself two large green tablecloths and two white accent cloths to place on top. Since these cloths are no-sew ( I currently have no sewing machine. Right now new studio costs are trumping buying gadgets.) I also bought a pack of fusible tape to hem the edges. All of my materials cost me about $80. I don't think this is bad considering I got exactly what I wanted and it will fit any table I use at an event.

The green cloths are made to hang low enough to cover the entire table to the ground, even if the table is on risers, and also large enough to accommodate a longer table. Clips will hold the excess fabric out of the way and off the ground when I am using my usual 5 foot tables or no table risers. I bought cuts of white burlap to go on top of the green fabric. I like the look of my pottery on white tablecloths so I wanted to get another fabric to place on top of the larger cloths. The burlap was perfect, giving the brightness I was looking for but still having a rustic look I favor.

I cut each of the sheets of fabric I brought home in half and got to work. I had originally planned on hemming the burlap, but I decided that it would be very messy using the fusible tape and also that I liked the frayed edges. I dotted superglue along the edges of the weave every few inches so the piece won't fray over time.

The green tablecloths are huge and took a few hours to iron out wrinkles and hem, but again, I think this project was worth the money and work. The fusible tape is very easy to use, start by setting your iron on your correct fabric setting. I like to work in sections about 2' long, beginning at a corner and making my way around the cloth.

The tape is a little tacky, so it will stick to the fabric a bit before it is actually fused. Place the tape along the edge of the fabric in the section you are working on and tear it off when you get to the end of this section. Go back to the beginning and carefully fold your edge over, sticking the tape to the fabric to create your hem. Depending on your material you may need to work this part in smaller sections within your 2' section. Place your hot iron over your folder seam and hold it for the length of time your product recommends. Mine suggested 20 seconds, but I found that to be too much so I called it good at about 15 seconds and the tape held just fine. I like to pay special attention to the corners and put a bit of extra tape there.

I got to try out my new tablecloths at Downtown Crossing on Friday and they looked great! I'm very happy with the results and am glad that I finally have my new tablecloths!


Jessica Burko said...

Looks really great Karen!

table linen said...

Lovin' the fabric of the tablecloth you bought for your booth. Looks attractive and charming. :)