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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

See you soon gifts

With my recent departing of the studio I've been at for five and a half years and the artists building it sits inside, some friends gave me some things to congratulate me on my new journey ahead. Three of them were handmade by my friends and are too awesome not to share.

Fellow Gorse Mill potter Susan Goldman gave me this tool she made, a wire cutter made with a piece of wood she whittled. My new studio isn't up and running just yet so I haven't been able to try it out but I'm very excited to. She suggested using it to cut out my yarn bowls, I'm curious to check it out!

Another handmade item given to me was this card made by a co-worker at the studio I am leaving, Amber Dorval. She stitched fabric to the front and secured it closed with colored bakers twine and buttons she made. Amber had a lot of super nice things to say so her card had extra pages added inside, and was more of a small book. I love it.

Chain maille jeweler Pat Brazill from down the hall at the studio gave me this gorgeous bracelet she made of bronze. Pat knows I have a metal allergy and discovered that most people like me aren't affected by bronze so she wanted to give me this piece. It's more beautiful than the photo shows and I can't wait to wear it, packing/moving/unpacking hasn't seemed like the time to put it on just yet.

I love my new gifts from my friends, and they are 'see you soon' gifts, not 'going away' gifts, since I will definitely see all these ladies again soon. Thanks crafty friends! xoxo

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