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Friday, August 03, 2012

ArtBeat 2012

The most recent event I've done was the 2012 Somerville ArtBeat and it was the most beautiful weather since I don't know when. My last handful of shows have been crazy heat/humidity/no wind so I was super excited for a predicted upper 70's. I even wore a cute dress to celebrate.The crowds were awesome too so I did a lot of chatting and met some really nice people. There were lots of potters that came by and we talked pots. I even got a high five from a woman who also recently finished her first pair of socks. Hurrah for us! People were really friendly and seemed to like my work quite a bit so hopefully next year I get accepted again into this popular show. Aside from my vendor neck of the woods it was still a very eventful day. There was a parade that wandered through the area with people towering on stilts and music coming from stages in different directions. I really like doing events where there is more than just the vendors selling. It always makes my day more interesting and it seems to make visitors happier too.

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