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Monday, August 06, 2012

My visit to Salad Days at Watershed

While I was planning my busy summer schedule I made sure to include a free weekend so I could go to Salad Days at Watershed up in Newcastle, Maine. I've been wanting to go for a few years but there's always something else going on so this year I made sure not to schedule a show that weekend. My husband and I decided early in the year we'd use it as an excuse to make a weekend of it and go canoeing, something we wanted to do on a trip last year but didn't get to.

 This year's resident artist was Adam Paulek. By the time we arrived an hour and a half after the event began the plates were slim pickings already. I heard when it began it was a mad rush to get up to the table to choose one from the 500 plates made from the local clay. While there were only a few dozen or so left when we arrived it wasn't hard for each of us to find a really nice one, rather it was a little tricky to decide between a few we each liked.

In the end I went with a plate that has a white glaze that looks sort of like a shino over the deep red earthenware and a cut away lip. I liked the decal of pitchers in a row and the rooster eating a flower. My husband went with a teal colored plate that has a really interesting textured surface. It also has a decal of a woman with a lamb head sitting in a chair. Very odd and really awesome.

 After eating our salad lunch we wandered to the tent where the invitational sale was happening. There was lots of great work there by Ayumi Horie, Ingrid Bathe, and lots of others but I gasped when I saw the work of Susan Dewsnap. I've loved her work for a while now and didn't realize she was part of the show so I was super excited to get to see and handle her work for the first time. I ended up walking away with a plate of hers. Rather fitting, don't you think?

 The rest of our weekend in Maine was awesome, as it always is. I love it up there and would happily live anywhere in the state. We're hoping to make room for this weekend for ourselves each year, it's a good excuse to buy some pots and have a fun weekend getaway.

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