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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pots at the Worcester Art Museum

I recently took my first visit to the Worcester Art Museum and I love their pots! One of the first rooms I saw  on my visit was filled with Chinese pottery and made me gasp in the doorway. If you know me, you know this gasp. It's loud and dramatic and sincere, generally making people around me think there's an emergency of sorts. Rarely it is, and usually it's something much more simple like a really cute puppy, or in this case, a room full of pretty pots. GASP!

After making my through that gallery I turned the corner and entered another. In about a half second my eyes narrowed in on a Shimaoka bottle across the space. I had wandered into the Japanese gallery and it was filled with more pretty pots and prints. GASP!

The rest of the museum was great too, but here's a few pics of the pots.

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