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Tuesday, February 03, 2015

NCECA 2015: An insider's guide to New England, Part 1: The Environment

Since I first found out NCECA was going to be in Providence I was super excited. At the time, I was living in MA, so it was just a skip down the road, but have since moved I will be coming back to the area for the conference. After seven years of living in New England, I've got a few tips for potters traveling to the region that I'm going to share over the next few weeks. NCECA is super exciting in itself, but it's always nice to squeeze more into a trip if possible. Who knows when you'll be back? For Part 1, I've got three hints about the environment of the region for newcomers to the northeast.

1. It will rain
I am no meteorologist or clairvoyant, but I promise you, in March, it will rain while you are there. New England springs get messy, sometimes raining everyday, all day, for a week or two. The things about these rains are that they tend to be strong, ensuring you are soaked in no time at all. If you plan to do much traveling outside, bring an umbrella, raincoat, and/or rain boots, depending on your sugar content/ability to melt when wet.

2. You will get lost
Before I moved East, I thought I had a good sense of direction, but it turns out, I had always lived places with grid streets. While New England has many charms, figuring out where you are and how to get where you are going is not one of them. Roads twist, turn, dead end, and change name frequently. They aren't big on road signs, or paint on the road itself to help clear things up. And do not make the assumption that because you got somewhere a certain way, that you can return the same way, tis not always the case. You will get lost, so keep that phone charged so you can use that GPS.

3. Head to the ocean
While you are on the coast, you may as well go to the coast, no? The Atlantic offers up many things to do if you're interested. There are numerous types of boat tours, restaurants to eat at, critters to see, shores to discover, and beauty to take in. Newport, New Bedford, Cape Cod and the islands are all nearby and notable coastal areas. Take a stroll and find some shells and corals as a small souvenir from your trip east. Those strong spring storms wash some beautiful gems of the sea right up to your feet.

Check back over the next few weeks to help make the most of your NCECA visit with small tips about food and drink, travel, and other clay and craft interests. See you then!

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