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Friday, February 20, 2015

NCECA 2015: An Insider's Guide to New England, Part 3: Other clay and craft stops

There is so much to see during your visit to Providence besides just NCECA! It makes me want to squeal with excitement! Once you're up to date with the conference itself, check out the "Special Events" section over on their website. It includes info about the Collectors Tour, Pre and Post Conference Events (including a workshop by yours truly), and a few other events happening in or near the event hall. The biggie to look at is the Exhibitions, Tours, and Shuttle Bus Guide, which you can download to view during your travel time. The downloadable guide is lengthy, but even a quick eye scan of the document will make you excited.

Molly Hatch at the MFA

Up near my old stomping grounds of Boston, a 45 minute drive from Providence, there are some other happenings that aren't on the guide. One is "Nature, Sculpture, Abstraction, and Clay: 100 Years of American Ceramics" at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, who recently had a large expansion to the facility. After you leave one of my old places of employment (yep! I was a Member and Visitor Services Rep!), head on over to another. I worked at The Potters Shop inside of Gorse Mill Studios, and the gallery at GMS is hosting an exhibit of clay artists from Massachusetts, The Diverse Vessel. The opening reception is the last day of NCECA, March 28.

If you aren't heading to The Potters Shop building for that exhibit, or John Baymore's workshop, or my workshop (you're a hard sell, aren't you?), you HAVE to go for the books and videos! If you are interested in clay and books to any degree, I promise your jaw will drop when you see the selection. No matter what type of clay book you are interested in, you will find yourself a fix. Instructional, historical, rare/out of print, biographies, even fictional involving a clay theme. In the thousands of titles there, you will find something to be insanely excited about.

DeCordova Sculpture Park
The downloadable NCECA guide linked earlier mentions an exhibit at the Fuller Craft Museum. This is one of my most favorite museums of all time. It is small, but always incredibly impressive with both content and quality. As craft people, I highly encourage you all to go. My other favorite museum in the Boston area is DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum. The facility is large, having expansive space both inside and out. The guide also mentions Pucker Gallery in Boston. You. Must. Go. Hamada pots. I don't even need to say anything else.

If you're around the weekend before NCECA starts up, CraftBoston Spring is being held. Taken from the website, "Presented by The Society of Arts and Crafts, CraftBoston Spring and Holiday are New England's premiere juried exhibitions and sales of contemporary craft. This twice annual, well-established show features the most outstanding artists of our time, showcasing one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces in baskets, ceramics, decorative fiber, wearables, furniture, glass, jewelry, leather, metal, mixed media, paper, and wood." Sounds like something crafty folk may enjoy as well! There's a bonus: I will be exhibiting at the event for the first time! Come say hello, see some of my work, and meet before NCECA just down the road!

Stay tuned for Part Four in the Insider's Guide series, where traveling in the area will be discussed. If you'd like to catch up on Part 1: The Environment, and Part 2: Food and Drink, follow the links to get up to speed with the NCECA tips. And if you've got another event or place of interest to share, please do!

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