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Monday, May 31, 2010

Clay and Beer

The third week of May was Craft Beer Week, a national event raising awareness and appreciation of craft made beer. I took this as my cue to bisque fire a set of beer glasses I had made a few weeks previous.

I had been wanting to make a set for a while and a few months ago I came across a call for entries out of Florida. The theme of the show is ceramic pieces for alcohol service. Yahoo! While I make sake sets fairly regularly, that was not the first thought into my mind. The beer glasses I had been putting on hold had gotten bumped up to the top of my very long to-do list. While there are numerous styles of glassware in a complete collection for beer, there are three basic shapes you can easily get by on while maintaining proper glassware (and yes, glass style does make a big difference in your drinking experience). They are the classic pint glass, a pilsner style glass, and a snifter. I made the pilsners and snifters first and I'm really happy with them. The surface was stamped with individual letters spelling out "craft" so that it is very much a "craft beer set". I still need to make the pint glasses and glaze all of them, but I will be entering a set of the three glass styles as a single entry.