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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I Will Learn To Knit This Year

In addition to my numerous professional goals I made for myself this year, I also made a goal to learn how to knit. Why did I suddenly decide I'm going to learn how to knit? You know how some people see babies and just gasp because their cuteness is just too much to contain? I'm like that with llamas. I freaking LOVE llamas. They are just too adorable and I want to go give them a hug on their silly looking necks. After seeing BH'ers Diane post about seeing a llama at a wool festival and Beth post about buying some llama wool, I made a vow to get some llama yarn and make a scarf. Not the conventional pull towards knitting, but I'm drawn none the less.

When I was still pretty young my mom showed me a few things about knitting and helped me start a scarf. I'm not sure if it was a general adolescent boredom or the handmade bug hadn't hit me yet, but I didn't remember what she had showed me and the scarf was never finished. A few years after that she gave me a beginners knitting kit for Christmas. It was for a purple and pink striped shoulder bag. I never started it, but I did save it, carrying it with me for that last 10 or so years, moving it from closet to closet, apartment to apartment, state to state. 

The kit's day has come! I will learn how to knit and I will learn with my shoulder bag kit. It has a DVD included so I hope to be able to take the skills it shows me and combine it with some advice from the friendly knitters in Boston Handmade, some tidbits from some library books, and knit myself one awesome llama scarf. I will keep you posted on my projects!

Monday, January 03, 2011

Nathalie Miebach

Last week I went to the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton and had so much fun! I discovered one artist in particular I'm excited to have found and I'd like to share her with you.

Nathalie Miebach complies the data of tides, temperature, winds, moon phases and other specifics of various environments and creates sculptures made of "reed, wood, data". She had two pieces in one of the current exhibits at Fuller, The New Materiality: Digital Dialogues at the Boundaries of Contemporary Craft.

The piece above, Boston Tides, was created from data collected in 2005 at Boston Harbor. It transforms the information of the rising and setting of the sun and moon, tides, moon phases, and the solar path in relation to the horizon, and creates a large sculpture of data, with each weave representing one hour. 

Nathalie's second piece in the show is Warm Winter. This sculpture compares local, regional, and historical data of air, water, and soil temperature, as well as wind speed and direction, tides, and moon phases. The piece is specific to the weather of December 2006 and January 2007.

The exhibit is there through February 6, 2011. After digging through their site a bit more I found that Nathalie will have a show at Fuller from January 15, 2011, through September 25, 2011 with a reception on February 25.