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Monday, June 27, 2011

Big Changes Coming Soon!

Hi folks!

I'm about to do something big for my business that I've been considering for a long time. Something I haven't done in almost two years. It's good news, but it might sound a little scary at first....ready?

I'm raising my prices! Yeah! Why is this happening and why is it good news?

Well, it's happening because it's something I haven't done in nearly two years and it's time. I feel I've truly grown as a potter and artist in this timespan, and putting a higher value on my work is due in the scheme of things. My work was valued fairly when I priced it so long ago, but those prices are now undervaluing my work and I need to address that. It's something I've put off because I didn't want to alienate customers, but I've decided that if someone truly values what I am doing and enjoys the work, a few dollars difference won't sway their decision and they will still be happy to own the piece.

This increase is good news because it means that I've been successful at what I've been doing! If things weren't going well and I didn't see progress in my work I wouldn't have made this decision. My work is getting nicer, my events are going better, and my name is getting recognized. It's a long road to get where I want to be, but I'm on the right track, and raising prices is a step towards that direction.

Don't worry, if it was $40 before it's not going to be $90 now. But if you do want to save yourself a few bucks (who doesn't these days?) place your order from my Etsy shop before July 1 to get my current prices, I'll be changing them then.