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Monday, December 05, 2011

My knit strawberries

I had decided a while ago to knit some strawberries to display with my berry bowls, to help people know what the small dishes are exactly. There is still some confusion with shoppers sometimes, but overall they did the job.

This weekend at the JP First Church Holiday Sale and Bazaar Bizarre I got lots of comments about them. Even a few offers to purchase! As I told the shoppers, I found the pattern online and it had asked users to please not produce it for profit, and as a handmade person I can appreciate that. 

So here it is, the super cute knit strawberry pattern! Also, the knit piece is the size of a large real strawberry when finished. The one I'm holding looks like it's been growing in Alaska because my hands are really small for an adult (youth medium gloves!).


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